Pre-order Now Through JANUARY 31, 2020 & Save Up To $1000 Per Model

Darrvin’s Promise
Darrvin is offering our models to the public at cost. No mark-ups, no hidden cost. When you place and pay your order, we promise delivery to the address of your choice, on or before 1 May 2020. No ifs no buts!

Why Pre-Order?
This will allow us to optimize the first shipments to the US, saving costs associated with unwanted stock sitting on the shelve, gathering dust. It also allows us to finance the shipment entirely through upfront contributions.

Help Kickstart Darrvin-USA and Save.
Darrvin is looking to sell 500 e-bikes through our kickstarter campaign, creating our first customer base locally who can become the company’s brand ambassadors.

What if Darrvin Doesn’t Reach Its 500 Goal?
Darrvin will still launch first product shipments in the US by 1 May 2020, including pre-orders received as part of our offer. Five-hundred is our goal. But there is no minimum requirement for us to honor your contribution. There is absolutely no risk to you.

May I Change My Mind and Cancel My Order?
Yes. Cancel on or before 1 February 2020, and we’ll refund you in full.

If I place my order now, which year model will I receive?
The current descriptions of models are for our 2019 range. Small updates and improvements are bound to be made to the current range for 2020. These improvements and updates will be communicated both on the website and in follow-up communications to you as soon as they become available. The core design elements will remain the same though.


More Questions About Our Products and the Company?


USA +1 (503) 314-6095 or INFO@DARRVIN.COM
PHYSICAL ADDRESS - 19 N E St, Lakeview, OR 97630

DESIGN PHILOSOPHY: Darrvin bikes are first and foremost about great value, not necessarily tied into the price point, but rather the best quality product with top quality components and functionality, packaged into a beautiful simplistic design that is attractive and affordable . We focus on every individual component of the bike, and we keep sight of the whole as part of an integrated design.

We use the latest mid-drive electrical motors on all our e-bike models. The motors are whisper quiet and smooth, yet punchy and powerful. They are durable and reliable motors with Darrvin offering a full warrantee, service and repair all electrical and mechanical components of our bicycles, ensuring peace of mind for our customers, countrywide.

The battery is a 50 cell 500Wh unit with an integrated management system and is interchangeable between all Darrvin e-bike models. Charge times range between 4-6 hours. A fully charged battery will have a range of between 40-70 miles, depending on the usual factors such as overall weight, terrain, stops along the way, wind-factor, etc.

ONLINE PURCHASES: When a customer purchases an e-bike directly we unpack it at the warehouse, adjust everything, check all the components and test all the systems. Before shipping, the e-bike is then boxed in a way that makes it easy to self assemble by the customer. We typically ship overnight, same day the order is received*.

Customers have the option for the bike to be build by a professional if they don’t like the idea of being hands-on during the assembly. At check-out, they will then choose the ‘’click and collect’’ option. Darrvin, at our distribution hub in Cape Town or Oregon (depending on the order destination), will once again check and test the bike, but ship out to a Click & Collect Partner, typically a bicycle shop near where the customer resides, who in turn will build the bike up. When the bike is fully assembled, the customer is notified and it can be collected fully assembled. There is no extra cost associated with this service.