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A high performance hardtail road e-bike with drop bars, this is a go-anywhere electric bike that's relatively lightweight, well balanced, and super quiet.  

WARRANTY: 1 Year Motor and Battery, 5 year Frame.
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[Choose frame size in the description below: Medium or Large. NOTE: Adjusting the handlebar and saddle positions on the frame allows for the bikes to be downsized or upsized i.e XS, S, from Medium, XL or XXL from Large. See our Bike Size Chart for more guidance.]

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  • The Evolve is setup as a gravel bike but can easily double as a road racing machine. Everyone can do with a little help sometimes…

  • With robust component selection and comfortable frame this bike can tackle any ride with confidence

  • Don’ t worry, its not all business, the retro saddle and graphics will out ‘‘hip’’ anything parked at the corner cafe on your next coffee ride

  • Powerful disc brakes and stable geometry makes this a supremely versatile machine

GENERAL NOTES ON RANGE: Predicting range depends on a number of factors: eg. someone who weighs about 70Kg, riding across varied terrain with moderate undulation and a steady cadence of 70-80 rpm can control the range through battery management using the mode settings afforded by the control system. He/She could expect to get anything between 80-120Km from a single battery charge. Visit our FAQ Page for more general Q&A’s.



HUB SET: MODUS Forged Alloy

RIM: D-Tech Crosslite Double Wall

SPOKE: Stainless Steel Black

TIRE: Kenda Kwick Journey 700 x 35c



GEAR: SRAM PG1130 11-42 11 speed

SADDLE: VELO Retro Cross

SEAT POST: Promax Dual Clamp Alloy

SEAT CLAMP: D-Tech Dual Clamp Alloy

FRAME: DARRVIN Evo Lite Alloy 700c Gravel


CHAIN WHEEL: D-Tech 44t Alloy

CHAIN: KMC X11 E Optimised


HEAD SET: D-Tech Integrated Alloy

HANDLE BAR: D-Tech Alloy Road/Gravel

HANDLE BAR STEM: D-Tech Alloy 4bolt 80mm

GRIP/TAPE: T-Tech EVA Sock Tape

BRAKE SET: SRAM Apex 1 Hydraulic


NOTES ON WEIGHT: A really lightweight mid-range e-bike weighs in at around 21-23Kg, provided its a standard 250watt mid-drive motor model with 300-500Wh battery. A super light carbon MTB e-bike with roughly the same motor and battery might come in at 18-20Kg. For instance a top end R 150 000 ($10 000 USD) Specialized e-bike weighs just over 20Kg. The weight is a consideration if you need to transport the bike on a rack or in the back of your vehicle, but removing the battery might save 4-5Kg already when attempting to lift the bike. Either way, at the moment there is not really a significant difference in weight between most of the available e-bikes in the market. Darrvin’s lightweight aluminum-alloy frame and compact components make for one of the lighter e-bike configurations out there in its price class and with the battery removed is an easy lift onto any bike rack.

Electronic Details

MOTOR: Bafang G-Power 350W 32Kph

DISPLAY: Bafang DP C18 Multi

BATTERY: DARRVIN Arrowpack 500Wh

CHARGER: D-Tech Smart Charger



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Kobus Burger - First Rate - July 11, 2019
After riding a regular pedal bike to work for the past seven years year-round, I was reluctant to get an e-bike. But, I couldn’t justify my sometimes 40-km commutes anymore when they took up a significant amount of time that I didn’t have and left me a little too tired to participate in the activities I was meant to do to begin with. I was tired of getting buzzed by cars going 100kmh up some very steep hills I biked through. I didn’t want to deal with headwinds in the winter stopping me dead in my tracks up and down those steep hills either. I purchased this bike to have zero excuses for not biking to work and zero excuses for not camping with my bike all the time. After I got used to the bike and felt comfortable with the ability to keep up with traffic over hills going 30-40km kmh, I sold my car.

This bike will push you to be a better cyclist. I had some doubts in typing that line but this rig will teach you to take risks, corner harder, and be more aware of upcoming obstacles. This bike is wicked fast if you ask it to be. That being said, I go out on the eco setting and the bike is perfectly at home taking the bike path at 20-25kmh with the eco assist. With three different power assist configurations, you will be able to ride as slowly or as quickly as need be with your mates and work out as hard as you please.

Pieter Du Toit - Cool Bike All Round - July 04, 2019
Did some online research on the Yamaha Wabash and some of the other similar e-bikes when I stumbled upon the Darrvin Evolve. I received the box from the company and it looked like the bike had been built and adjusted and then re-boxed as it built up easily and after putting the front wheel, seat post, handlebar and the seat post in and a quick charge it was ready to go.

Assist up to 35kmh is great when needed but your really have to work to get your speed there and then keep it up so don't think it's a free ride. It's a lot of fun to go whizzing by traffic in the bike lane on my commutes and I do feel like I'm getting some exercise, but I'm sure time will tell on that. The bike does ride smooth with the motor off although you do feel the added weight of the motor and battery.

I put some Planet Bike fenders on it since it's wet in the spring, they mounted easily and don't rattle at all. I've already started using this for most trips under 20km and will start taking it out on the gravel once everything dries out.

Dianne Baruse - Love At First Sight - May 07, 2019
Loved it. First time ever on an e-bike and really enjoyed it. It takes a little getting used to at first and to be honest, I wasn't super thrilled about e-bikes in the beginning. But this bike changed all of that for me. After riding it my opinion completely changed. Loved the ride, loved the boost uphill and into the wind, and the three settings to make me go faster just a lot of fun. Initially, the only thing I didn't love was the idea of all this extra battery weight (in case the battery ever went bad) but with the battery out it’s easy to lift and handle on and-off my bike rack. Overall, loved the ride and enjoy this bike tremendously. If you find a better ride than the evolve, at this price, I’d be skeptical. The price convinced me to try it and I’m very pleased with my purchase. Two of my friends have since also purchased the evolve and we such fun weekends going out for rides. We can stay ahead of the traffic and it’s the best money spend!