E+ MTB Hardtail | Urban, Commuting, Touring, Mountain

A rugged, powerful, and versatile electric bike platform with frame-integrated Darrvin ArrowPack 500 batteries for excellent range and beautiful look.

WARRANTY: 1 Year Motor and Battery, 5 Years Frame
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[Choose frame size in the description below: Medium or Large. NOTE: Adjusting the handlebar and saddle positions on the frame allows for the bikes to be downsized or upsized i.e XS, S, from Medium, XL or XXL from Large. See our Bike Size Chart for more guidance.]

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  • Confidence inspiring MTB frame geometry with 29’’ wheels to smooth the trail.

  • Powerful and responsive Bafang 350W mid motor with ISIS Drive axle for added strength.

  • Front Suspension fork with a remote lock-out.

  • Ultra reliable Shimano 1 x 9 drive-train with a wide gear range .

  • Aggressive tyres fitted to extra wide rims invite you to get rowdy.

  • With a wider bar and sport orientated components the Peak packs more options than a Swiss army knife.

GENERAL NOTES ON RANGE: Predicting range depends on a number of factors: eg. someone who weighs about 70Kg, riding across varied terrain with moderate undulation and a steady cadence of 70-80 rpm can control the range through battery management using the mode settings afforded by the control system. He/She could expect to get anything between 80-120Km from a single battery charge. Visit our FAQ Page for more general Q&A’s.



FRAME: DARRVIN EVO Lite Alloy 29er

FRONT FORK: Suntour XCR 29ER AIR 100mm Remote Lock

CHAIN WHEEL: D-Tech 38T Alloy

CHAIN: KMC X9 E Optimised

PEDALS: Wellgo Grip MTB Alloy

HEAD SET: D-Tech integrated Alloy

HANDLE BAR: Promax Trail Rise 760mm

HANDLE BAR STEM: Promax 75mm alloy

GRIP/TAPE: Velo Trail Touch

BRAKE SET: Tektro HDM 275 Hydraulic


HUB SET: Modus Forged Alloy

RIM: D-Tech Wide Boy Double Wall 29er

SPOKE: Stainless Steel black

TIRE: Kenda Nevegal 29 x 2.25



GEARS: Shimano HG 11-34T 9 speed

SADDLE: Velo Trail Blazer

SEAT POST: Promax Dual Clamp Alloy

SEAT CLAMP: D-Tech Quick Release


NOTES ON WEIGHT: A really lightweight mid-range e-bike weighs in at around 21-23Kg, provided its a standard 250watt mid-drive motor model with 300-500Wh battery. A super light carbon MTB e-bike with roughly the same motor and battery might come in at 18-20Kg. For instance a top end R 150 000 ($10 000 USD) Specialized e-bike weighs just over 20Kg. The weight is a consideration if you need to transport the bike on a rack or in the back of your vehicle, but removing the battery might save 4-5Kg already when attempting to lift the bike. Either way, at the moment there is not really a significant difference in weight between most of the available e-bikes in the market. Darrvin’s lightweight aluminum-alloy frame and compact components make for one of the lighter e-bike configurations out there in its price class and with the battery removed is an easy lift onto any bike rack.


Electronic Details

MOTOR: Bafang G332 350w 32Kph

DISPLAY: Bafang DP C18 Multi Display


CHARGER: D-Tech Smart Charger


Customer Reviews

Screen Shot 2019-08-08 at 13.43.18.png

Ian Steyn - Phenomenal Purchase - July 22, 2019
I'd been looking at getting an e-bike for quite some time, as I'm getting old, and pedaling up hills hurts a lot more now than it used to 30 years ago. A friend of mine recommended this one to me. The bike itself is pretty sturdy. I wasn't really expecting it to be, as it's kind of on the lower end of the price scale. I bought it mostly for getting to and from work in the spring/summer/fall, it's 12.5 km away, so I've been doing 25km a day.

The pedal assist is kind of really awesome. I don't know what it's like on higher end e-bikes, but it's perfect for me. With the pedal assist on the highest level I get to work in the same amount of time that it takes to drive, being able to speed past all of the traffic and construction, and I still feel like I've done actual exercise when I get there. The motor cuts out at 35 kmh or so, so you get a bit of help getting up to speed, and a bit of a boost if you drop back down below, which is mostly up steep hills in my case. I don't know if it's just my bike, or this entire model, but I don't really feel any difference with the pedal assist on any level lower than max. The battery lasts about 65km on max assist before needing a recharge, and charges pretty quickly, just a few hours. The shifters and brakes work perfectly, needing no adjustments out of the box. The seat is pretty uncomfortable, so you'll probably want to either replace it with a more comfortable one, or buy a padded cover for it.

June Baxter - Really Recommend This Bike - July 08, 2019
I have had my new e bike for about 5 weeks now and covered over 700 km, it has been an absolute joy - you still get plenty of exercise but in a much more pleasant way than with an ordinary bike, it takes hills in its stride and the ride is very stable and inspires confidence even over rough country roads, the front suspension helps a lot in this respect also the bike is equipped with dual disk brakes. I have fitted mudguards back and front - I had to modify the stays on the front ones by making a right angle bend in them so that they could be attached to the forks, it has proved well worthwhile fitting the mudguards. I have used all assist levels and you can always step to a higher level if the need arises. I can highly recommend this bike and it is my opinion that it would be difficult to find a better e-bike for the money - many more expensive machines offer less specification!

Jenny Viljoen - Best Buy - May 09, 2019
This is a great bike!!!! Now, I did not put it together... and the person that did it for me didn't tighten my handle bars or seat very well. So, I had loads of fun while they slipped during my ride, but that is not the bikes fault. I also experienced the cords rubbing against my front tire.. but again, not the bikes fault. The bike is fun to ride. It took a bit for me to understand when it would give me power when I wasn't expecting it and what to do about it, in order to be safe. But, now that I know how to use the power and when to turn it off or use the controller.... I have full confidence in my ability to ride safely. I wanted an electric bike for a year now. I've done a lot of research. I chose this one because the reviews were good and the motor was a 350 for a good price. I am fully satisfied and wish I had bought it earlier.... I tried to go with a nice manual bike, but it just wasn't fun enough to ride. I like being able to work hard on my bike when I choose to and relax on my bike at other times. GREAT PURCHASE!!

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