Ian Steyn - Phenomenal Purchase - DARRVIN PEAK

I'd been looking at getting an e-bike for quite some time, as I'm getting old, and pedaling up hills hurts a lot more now than it used to 30 years ago. A friend of mine recommended this one to me. The bike itself is pretty sturdy. I wasn't really expecting it to be, as it's kind of on the lower end of the price scale. I bought it mostly for getting to and from work in the spring/summer/fall, it's 12.5 km away, so I've been doing 25km a day.

The pedal assist is kind of really awesome. I don't know what it's like on higher end e-bikes, but it's perfect for me. With the pedal assist on the highest level I get to work in the same amount of time that it takes to drive, being able to speed past all of the traffic and construction, and I still feel like I've done actual exercise when I get there. The motor cuts out at 35 kmh or so, so you get a bit of help getting up to speed, and a bit of a boost if you drop back down below, which is mostly up steep hills in my case. I don't know if it's just my bike, or this entire model, but I don't really feel any difference with the pedal assist on any level lower than max. The battery lasts about 65km on max assist before needing a recharge, and charges pretty quickly, just a few hours. The shifters and brakes work perfectly, needing no adjustments out of the box. The seat is pretty uncomfortable, so you'll probably want to either replace it with a more comfortable one, or buy a padded cover for it. Read more on the Darrvin Peak here.

Julius Nel - Exactly The E-bike I Was Looking For - Darrvin Connect

Thanks for the great service and fast shipping I love the bike and it's amazing Bafang motor technology. It’s an excellent bike that suits my exact needs. I tried several bikes in local shops but most of the brand-name bikes are just too expensive. I was looking for a quality, affordable e-bike both for fun and exercise but also for my short commute to work and back. I needed a bike that could accommodate my route - I am unable to effectively ride a regular bike in the area where I live, which is very hilly (Cape Town). Darrvin’s Connect just hit all the buttons. It’s a beauty, runs smoothly, great components, and for the price, unbeatable. I’ve now done 1000kms without any issues. The battery charges within 4 hours, and there has been no change in performance. Great bike overall. This bike makes small change of the hills. At the same time it allows me to minimize or turn off the assist when I don’t really need it. I use the bike for riding on paved roads and urban biking mostly but have also taken it onto bike trails around my area where it performs equally well. I’ve purchased the rear pannier rack from the guys and my next experiment will be to take her out for a weekend, overnight run. Read more on the Darrvin Connect here.

Kobus Burger - First Rate - Darrvin Evolve

After riding a regular pedal bike to work for the past seven years year-round, I was reluctant to get an e-bike. But, I couldn’t justify my sometimes 40-km commutes anymore when they took up a significant amount of time that I didn’t have and left me a little too tired to participate in the activities I was meant to do to begin with. I was tired of getting buzzed by cars going 100kmh up some very steep hills I biked through. I didn’t want to deal with headwinds in the winter stopping me dead in my tracks up and down those steep hills either. I purchased this bike to have zero excuses for not biking to work and zero excuses for not camping with my bike all the time. After I got used to the bike and felt comfortable with the ability to keep up with traffic over hills going 30-40km kmh, I sold my car.

This bike will push you to be a better cyclist. I had some doubts in typing that line but this rig will teach you to take risks, corner harder, and be more aware of upcoming obstacles. This bike is wicked fast if you ask it to be. That being said, I go out on the eco setting and the bike is perfectly at home taking the bike path at 20-25kmh with the eco assist. With three different power assist configurations, you will be able to ride as slowly or as quickly as need be with your mates and work out as hard as you please. Read more on the Darrvin Evolve here.

June Baxter - Really Recommend This Bike - DARRVIN PEAK

I have had my new e bike for about 5 weeks now and covered over 700 km, it has been an absolute joy - you still get plenty of exercise but in a much more pleasant way than with an ordinary bike, it takes hills in its stride and the ride is very stable and inspires confidence even over rough country roads, the front suspension helps a lot in this respect also the bike is equipped with dual disk brakes. I have fitted mudguards back and front - I had to modify the stays on the front ones by making a right angle bend in them so that they could be attached to the forks, it has proved well worthwhile fitting the mudguards. I have used all assist levels and you can always step to a higher level if the need arises. I can highly recommend this bike and it is my opinion that it would be difficult to find a better e-bike for the money - many more expensive machines offer less specification! Read more on the Darrvin Peak here.

Pieter Du Toit - Cool Bike All Round - Darrvin Evolve

Did some online research on the Yamaha Wabash and some of the other similar e-bikes when I stumbled upon the Darrvin Evolve. I received the box from the company and it looked like the bike had been built and adjusted and then re-boxed as it built up easily and after putting the front wheel, seat post, handlebar and the seat post in and a quick charge it was ready to go.

Assist up to 35kmh is great when needed but your really have to work to get your speed there and then keep it up so don't think it's a free ride. It's a lot of fun to go whizzing by traffic in the bike lane on my commutes and I do feel like I'm getting some exercise, but I'm sure time will tell on that. The bike does ride smooth with the motor off although you do feel the added weight of the motor and battery.

I put some Planet Bike fenders on it since it's wet in the spring, they mounted easily and don't rattle at all. I've already started using this for most trips under 20km and will start taking it out on the gravel once everything dries out. Read more about the Darrvin Evolve here.

Patrick Carstens - Nice, Nice, Nice - Darrvin Connect

I received this bike just a few days ago. From ordering online to delivery took only two days. It took me about 40 minutes to assemble and get on the bike for my first ride. Super soft and smooth ride, very responsive at every power level and it easily zoomed up the hill in front of my house. I had a few questions which I emailed in and had a detailed reply the next morning. Overall, very impressed with the bike and the company. Read more on the Darrvin Connect here.

Jenny Viljoen - Best Buy - DARRVIN PEAK

This is a great bike!!!! Now, I did not put it together... and the person that did it for me didn't tighten my handle bars or seat very well. So, I had loads of fun while they slipped during my ride, but that is not the bikes fault. I also experienced the cords rubbing against my front tire.. but again, not the bikes fault. The bike is fun to ride. It took a bit for me to understand when it would give me power when I wasn't expecting it and what to do about it, in order to be safe. But, now that I know how to use the power and when to turn it off or use the controller.... I have full confidence in my ability to ride safely. I wanted an electric bike for a year now. I've done a lot of research. I chose this one because the reviews were good and the motor was a 350 for a good price. I am fully satisfied and wish I had bought it earlier.... I tried to go with a nice manual bike, but it just wasn't fun enough to ride. I like being able to work hard on my bike when I choose to and relax on my bike at other times. GREAT PURCHASE!! Read more on the Darrvin Peak here.

Dianne Baruse - love at first sight - Darrvin Evolve

Loved it. First time ever on an e-bike and really enjoyed it. It takes a little getting used to at first and to be honest, I wasn't super thrilled about e-bikes in the beginning. But this bike changed all of that for me. After riding it my opinion completely changed. Loved the ride, loved the boost uphill and into the wind, and the three settings to make me go faster just a lot of fun. Initially, the only thing I didn't love was the idea of all this extra battery weight (in case the battery ever went bad) but with the battery out it’s easy to lift and handle on and-off my bike rack. Overall, loved the ride and enjoy this bike tremendously. If you find a better ride than the evolve, at this price, I’d be skeptical. The price convinced me to try it and I’m very pleased with my purchase. Two of my friends have since also purchased the evolve and we such fun weekends going out for rides. We can stay ahead of the traffic and it’s the best money spend! Read more about the Darrvin Evolve here.

Joan Fourie - Fabulous discovery - Darrvin Connect

My husband surprised me for my 60th birthday with this fantastic e-bike. I have been using it reliably for 5 weeks now. I had conversations with the manufacturer several times and they were great in answering all our questions. You will not go wrong with this bike. Speed is good (reasonable for my needs!). Acceleration is fast. Battery lasts a long time. Everything you could want to stay active and enjoy cycling without the pain of getting up the hill. Read more on the Darrvin Connect here.

Darrvin e-bikes outperform every other bike in South Africa, Price and Quality

Has anyone out there compared Darrvin’s latest 2019 range of e-bikes with any of the other brand names out there? We have, and we can attest it’s by far superior to anything currently offered by the big-name brands when it comes to performance to price ratio. In addition, the company offers a full sales support, prior, during and after, service, incomparable to other suppliers. Be sure to check-out the range!