Dianne Baruse - love at first sight - Darrvin Evolve

Loved it. First time ever on an e-bike and really enjoyed it. It takes a little getting used to at first and to be honest, I wasn't super thrilled about e-bikes in the beginning. But this bike changed all of that for me. After riding it my opinion completely changed. Loved the ride, loved the boost uphill and into the wind, and the three settings to make me go faster just a lot of fun. Initially, the only thing I didn't love was the idea of all this extra battery weight (in case the battery ever went bad) but with the battery out it’s easy to lift and handle on and-off my bike rack. Overall, loved the ride and enjoy this bike tremendously. If you find a better ride than the evolve, at this price, I’d be skeptical. The price convinced me to try it and I’m very pleased with my purchase. Two of my friends have since also purchased the evolve and we such fun weekends going out for rides. We can stay ahead of the traffic and it’s the best money spend! Read more about the Darrvin Evolve here.