Jenny Viljoen - Best Buy - DARRVIN PEAK

This is a great bike!!!! Now, I did not put it together... and the person that did it for me didn't tighten my handle bars or seat very well. So, I had loads of fun while they slipped during my ride, but that is not the bikes fault. I also experienced the cords rubbing against my front tire.. but again, not the bikes fault. The bike is fun to ride. It took a bit for me to understand when it would give me power when I wasn't expecting it and what to do about it, in order to be safe. But, now that I know how to use the power and when to turn it off or use the controller.... I have full confidence in my ability to ride safely. I wanted an electric bike for a year now. I've done a lot of research. I chose this one because the reviews were good and the motor was a 350 for a good price. I am fully satisfied and wish I had bought it earlier.... I tried to go with a nice manual bike, but it just wasn't fun enough to ride. I like being able to work hard on my bike when I choose to and relax on my bike at other times. GREAT PURCHASE!! Read more on the Darrvin Peak here.