Julius Nel - Exactly The E-bike I Was Looking For - Darrvin Connect

Thanks for the great service and fast shipping I love the bike and it's amazing Bafang motor technology. It’s an excellent bike that suits my exact needs. I tried several bikes in local shops but most of the brand-name bikes are just too expensive. I was looking for a quality, affordable e-bike both for fun and exercise but also for my short commute to work and back. I needed a bike that could accommodate my route - I am unable to effectively ride a regular bike in the area where I live, which is very hilly (Cape Town). Darrvin’s Connect just hit all the buttons. It’s a beauty, runs smoothly, great components, and for the price, unbeatable. I’ve now done 1000kms without any issues. The battery charges within 4 hours, and there has been no change in performance. Great bike overall. This bike makes small change of the hills. At the same time it allows me to minimize or turn off the assist when I don’t really need it. I use the bike for riding on paved roads and urban biking mostly but have also taken it onto bike trails around my area where it performs equally well. I’ve purchased the rear pannier rack from the guys and my next experiment will be to take her out for a weekend, overnight run. Read more on the Darrvin Connect here.