Kobus Burger - First Rate - Darrvin Evolve

After riding a regular pedal bike to work for the past seven years year-round, I was reluctant to get an e-bike. But, I couldn’t justify my sometimes 40-km commutes anymore when they took up a significant amount of time that I didn’t have and left me a little too tired to participate in the activities I was meant to do to begin with. I was tired of getting buzzed by cars going 100kmh up some very steep hills I biked through. I didn’t want to deal with headwinds in the winter stopping me dead in my tracks up and down those steep hills either. I purchased this bike to have zero excuses for not biking to work and zero excuses for not camping with my bike all the time. After I got used to the bike and felt comfortable with the ability to keep up with traffic over hills going 30-40km kmh, I sold my car.

This bike will push you to be a better cyclist. I had some doubts in typing that line but this rig will teach you to take risks, corner harder, and be more aware of upcoming obstacles. This bike is wicked fast if you ask it to be. That being said, I go out on the eco setting and the bike is perfectly at home taking the bike path at 20-25kmh with the eco assist. With three different power assist configurations, you will be able to ride as slowly or as quickly as need be with your mates and work out as hard as you please. Read more on the Darrvin Evolve here.