Pieter Du Toit - Cool Bike All Round - Darrvin Evolve

Did some online research on the Yamaha Wabash and some of the other similar e-bikes when I stumbled upon the Darrvin Evolve. I received the box from the company and it looked like the bike had been built and adjusted and then re-boxed as it built up easily and after putting the front wheel, seat post, handlebar and the seat post in and a quick charge it was ready to go.

Assist up to 35kmh is great when needed but your really have to work to get your speed there and then keep it up so don't think it's a free ride. It's a lot of fun to go whizzing by traffic in the bike lane on my commutes and I do feel like I'm getting some exercise, but I'm sure time will tell on that. The bike does ride smooth with the motor off although you do feel the added weight of the motor and battery.

I put some Planet Bike fenders on it since it's wet in the spring, they mounted easily and don't rattle at all. I've already started using this for most trips under 20km and will start taking it out on the gravel once everything dries out. Read more about the Darrvin Evolve here.