We have a true passion for e-bikes


Incorporating design and development excellence, Darrvin Electric builds products for the quality conscious buyer, with affordability a top priority.


Founders, Gustav, Gert and Thom together bring four decades of business and industry experience to DARRVIN ELECTRIC. They spent the better part of 2017 and 2018 developing a range of exceptional e-bikes specifically for the quality/cost conscious buyer.

Darrvin e-bikes are not off-the-shelve, re-branded products. Thoughtful design has led to a nimble, robust and highly efficient range of e-bikes, suited to off-and on-road use. Darrvin offers the best overall value in terms of performance and reliability, while offering a comprehensive after-sales and support service:

Darrvin offers a specialized diagnostics, repair or replacement service, and expert advice on all related e-bike use and maintenance issues. It offers a complete parts desk, including spare batteries and a range of quality accessories. All components carry our standard warranty and guarantees.

Visit us at our distribution centers when in Cape Town South Africa or Lakeview Oregon. Customers are welcome to visit and test ride all available models and purchase in-store. See our contact numbers below.

If you can’t visit in person, then browse our Online Click & Collect Shop to order your Darrvin e-bike and accessories.


Commuter Clubhouse, Corner of Neptune & Carlisle St, Paarden Eiland, Cape Town, 7405

19 N E St, Lakeview, OR 97630


DESIGN PHILOSOPHY: Darrvin bikes are first and foremost about great value, not necessarily tied into the price point, but rather the best quality product with top quality components and functionality, packaged into a beautiful simplistic design that is attractive and affordable . We focus on every individual component of the bike, and we keep sight of the whole as part of an integrated design.

We use the latest mid-drive electrical motors on all our e-bike models. The motors are whisper quiet and smooth, yet punchy and powerful. They are durable and reliable motors with Darrvin offering a full warrantee, service and repair all electrical and mechanical components of our bicycles, ensuring peace of mind for our customers, countrywide.

The battery is a 50 cell 500Wh unit with an integrated management system and is interchangeable between all Darrvin e-bike models. Charge times range between 4-6 hours. A fully charged battery will have a range of between 40-70 miles, depending on the usual factors such as overall weight, terrain, stops along the way, wind-factor, etc.

ONLINE PURCHASES: When a customer purchases an e-bike directly we unpack it at the warehouse, adjust everything, check all the components and test all the systems. Before shipping, the e-bike is then boxed in a way that makes it easy to self assemble by the customer. We typically ship overnight, same day the order is received*.

Customers have the option for the bike to be build by a professional, the ‘’click and collect’’ option at check-out, which means the e-bike is also tested and repackaged at our distribution center prior to shipping, but final assembly is done by a ‘Click & Collect Partner’, typically a bicycle shop near where the customer resides. When the bike is fully assembled, the customer can collect at the partner. There is no extra cost associated with this service.